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Whenever the sky is blue, Anthea and Baba love going outside to play and create special memories. They enjoy kicking the ball, learning to ride a bike and embracing their Greek heritage with music and dance.


Playtime with Baba is part three of bilingual children’s book series, Ikoyenia, which means ‘family’. Each rhyming tale follows young Anthea and the beautiful relationship she has with her loved ones. In each book, there is also a two-page language lesson with simple words for your child to learn in English and Greek.


Written and illustrated in Adelaide, South Australia, with love.


SKU: 978-0-6488169-2-8
  • Hardback: 20 pages 

    Size: 206mm x 206mm

    Author/Illustrator: Stephanie Timotheou/Rachel Darling 

    ISBN: 978-0-6488169-2-8

    Language: English with Greek translation

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