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Ikoyenia (the Greek term for 'family') is the first and only bilingual children's book series of its kind. 


The fun, rhyming tales follow one little Greek girl and the beautiful relationships she has with her loved ones.


The values taught in each book include love, appreciation, Greek Orthodox religion and of course, the importance of family.


There is a special book for every family member to collect: Cooking with Yiayia, Gardening with Pappou, Playtime with Baba and Bedtime with Mama.

The books are written in both English and Greek so children can have fun reading while learning another language.

Suitable for ages 2+.

Stephanie Timotheou, Author

Stephanie Timotheou is a Greek-Cypriot journalist and children's author, living in Adelaide, South Australia.

Ikoyenia has been more than two years in the making and was inspired by her daughter, Anthea.

Rachel Darling, Illustrator

Rachel Darling is an artist, illustrator and pattern designer living on the coast of South Australia.

She enjoys creating little characters to help children's books come to life.

You can see more of her work at

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